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FAQs - Role Playing Games

I like to think of Role Playing games as an interactive story told by more than one person. The Gamemaster (Or Dungeon Master) Provides the framework for the world where the story is to take place. Situations where the outcome of an action by any of the characters is determined by a roll of the dice. 

The Gamemaster is the Judge of the game. They are often also the person who has written the story in which the player characters live. 

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Yes! Though it is helpful if you spend some time as a player to see how it is done. 

You obviously have not been playing with the right groups. My personal group is mostly women who are some of the best players I have ever had a privilege to have sat at my game table. It used to be that Girl RPG gamers were a rare thing but these days it's becoming more and more common (This is a good thing) 

There are no levels of Gamemaster. That is a joke we geeks have been using for years and it has seemed to get out of control. Gamemasters are just people who have a story to tell and a basic idea of rules of the game. If you want to be a gamemaster just go buy a book or better yet borrow one. 


No just yes but HECK YES! Roleplaying games teach social skills, Reading, Time Management, Presentation skills. and how to negotiate. Not to mention making a character for most games is the world's largest "Word Problem" that your kids will love. Want to get your kids addicted to mathematics. get them a role playing book. 

No .. but if you were to show up at one of my games in costume I would make sure you got the best seat at the table and award some extra points for effort. 

Silly voices are not required. But we do find that it's more fun. Personally, I love to use silly voices. I do have issues doing an Australian accent 

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