• Clip art is offered is available to access through the shopping cart function of JackMonkey Games.  
  • This applies to free for use and pay for use art alike.  
  • Any attempt to copy, use,  or otherwise access any art from JackMonkey games,  except through the shopping cart function,  is a violation of the copyright of artist Kevin C Mason and distributor JackMonkey games.  
  • Art offered through the shopping cart portal is available for access and use without the embedded watermark in accordance to the price listed under the art.
  • By choosing to access and obtain and download art files you agree to the terms and conditions of the JackMonkey games’ usage license.


  1. Your completion of the shopping cart order is conditional upon your agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions, and your final submission is a legally binding acceptance of thee terms.
  2. All copyright for these images remains with the artist, Kevin C Mason and the distributor JackMonkey games.
  3. The purchaser understands that this is a non-exclusive licence and all use of art is bound by these terms and conditions.
  4. The terms of this licence and the applicable jurisdiction of any actions taken to protect these terms and the copyright of the artists are governed – at the exclusive choice of JackMonkey games - by the laws of the United States and/or Australia.
  5. All free or $0 price art is licensed under a Creative Commons, Commercial Use, Attribution, Non-Derivative Licence.
  6. All priced art is licensed as follows:
    1. Art can be used for commercial or non-commercial activities by the purchaser only to the extent that it is used in the creation of original game products that are directly connected to the purchaser.
    2. Art is not to be used directly or redistributed as content in and of itself.
    3. The purchaser is not to represent anyone other than Kevin C Mason as the originating artist.
    4. The purchaser agrees to not circumvent or remove attributive designs embedded in the art.
    5. The purchaser agrees to publish attribution of the art in its game products and on its website – with active links to JackMonkey games where appropriate.
    6. Art is not to be substantively altered except to the extent needed for formatting purposes.
  7. In addition to the above parameters, the following conditions apply to $0 priced and priced art alike:
    1. Kevin C Mason retains ALL moral rights to the art and can rescind any licence WITHOUT REFUND if it is determined to be used in ANY of the following contexts (This is what JackMonkey refers to as the “Don’t be an ass” term):  
      1. In a manner that promotes, endorses or excuses sexually predatory behavior including but not limited to rape, assault or paedophilia.
      2. In a manner that promotes, endorses or excuses hatred or intolerance,  or promotes the inferiority of any person or group based on race, religion, nationality, gender, sexual preference or any other cultural, racial or economic status.
      3. In a manner that degrades or subjugates women, minorities or members of the LGBTIQ community.
      4. In the event of a rescission of licensure based on moral grounds, the purchaser understand and agrees that they will immediately cease and desist in the use of all images, remove all product bearing those images from the market and may be held legally liable for any costs incurred by JackMonkey or damage done to the reputation of the artist or the JackMonkey brand.
    2. The purchaser is encouraged to email JackMonkey games BEFORE completing their purchase if they have any concerns regarding the intended use of the art.
  8. The purchaser understands that JackMonkey games will retain their information and will, from time to time, audit the use of the purchased art for the sole purpose of protecting the interests and rights of the artist.
  9. These constitute the full terms and agreement which are immediately binding upon purchase completion.

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If this shopping session includes the priced or $0 purchase of clip art, you understand that by hitting the submit button you are confirming that you have read and agree to be bound by the TERMS & CONDITIONS of the CLIP ART LICENSING AGREEMENT.   

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