At the time of writing this Starfall actual Play Podcast has no budget whatsoever. So this means that many of you have volunteered your voice to make this podcast awesome! Some of you have never attempted to do any voice acting before and have questions. 


Technical Tips 

*Find a quiet room. Walk-in closets are the best (lots of soft surfaces to keep the sound from bouncing around) 

*Most Phones have a decent microphone and a voice recorder 

*Save files as . WAV, MP3, Aif , M4a 

*You can send the files to me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

*Larger files can be sent over dropbox.

The Voice 

In an ideal world, I would have you come over to my house and we can run you through the lines with a beer in one hand and the script in another. However being that we have voice actors in 4 different countries and 5 Different time zones. That is most likely not going to happen. Here are some things to think about before sending the files 



*I do like a little variation from the script such as saying " Skrup you and the chowug you road in on" Vs  "Screw you!" .. Because it adds more personality (do the line normally once just to be sure ) 

*I'm going to ask you to do it over MANY times. Last time I recorded my own script I had to record 10 times to have nothing work. 

*I Do have deadlines. Some scripts have to be done in a week or so. I will be messaging you just to see where you are in the script. I trust that you will get it done and I know that life happens. I just need to make sure I can make plans if you can't do the part (Such as rewriting the script or giving the role to someone else. 

*Most of us are NOT actors ... So its expect mistakes 

*I may ask you to do it again with advice like "Think more James Earl Jones and less Snoop Dog" .. This is to help convey what I am looking for. It's a director thing.

The Lines 

So here is an example of a perfect set of lines sent to me by Mike Riggs. He recorded the voice in a few different accents and tried different tones of voice for the same lines. 

Mike Doing Targon Wells

The most important thing 


I don't say it enough. I would love to pay you .(I'm not getting paid either) .. however, all I can do at this time is offer a bio and credits or our Starfall Cast


Please write a Bio ... and put up any links that you are associated. such as your webpage. facebook page, twitter account 

Send a photo of you. 








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