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Star-Fall Sci-Fi RPG Podcast was created by Kevin C. Mason a Californian who escaped the USA. Kevin now put vegemite on his toast and hides from magpies, bin chickens, and the occasional Huntsman.  The show is set 500 years after a galactic empire came crashing down when all the Robots and artificial intelligence went insane all at the same time. The story takes place as an oppressive Theocracy called the Church of the Illumination invades the home planet of the characters. It gets worse from there. The characters don't exactly trust one another and its starting to show but as time goes on new relationships will form 

Mix format of Actual Play, Audio Drama, and Sci-Fi short stories. 

The Story is told with a mix of audio dramas, short stories and Actual Role Playing using the Open D6 system. The Comedy is fueled by the copious amount of alcohol consumed by the cast during the game. The best part is Free for download! 

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Currently, we are working on A Youtube channel filled with Animation and How to Mix sci-fi themed drinks.  

Social Commentary Science Fiction 

Like really good Science fiction Star-Fall Actual Play podcast has undertones of social commentary delivered in a candy-coated comedy or underlying plot. Some of the key things we write about are racism, Sexism & freedom of expression. Because of this, we have an explicit tag. We don't hold back with the language. Though we are unapologetic about our language you will not hear any hate.  

Austrialian Science Fiction Podcast


Looking for a place to Record  

Our podcast is looking for a place to record. We are currently recording in our studio (Garage) but always looking to help out others by being your entertainment.  If you have pub or Game Store where we can record (and hopefully bring you, customers) please contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

  • Episode1 : The Arrival. Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast

    Episode1 : The Arrival. Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast This is the first installment of Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast. This Science fiction podcast is a combination of short stories, audio dramas
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  • Star-Fall Episode Two

    Star-Fall Episode Two

    This highspeed anti-gravity chase takes place in the streets in the skies of the Agricultural city on the planet War-Zod.  The Players characters
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  • Star-fall Episode Three

    Episode Three "Mecha, Turbo Weasels & Mama Bear Oh My!

    In this episode, we introduce a cohost "Turbo" who will be renamed by the listeners at a later date. The
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  • Star-Fall RPG Podcast episode Four

    Star-Fall Episode Four Campfires and Heated converations

    In this episode, the players discover what was walking through the trees. They also start a few heated conversations around
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  • New Animated Norkek and Hedda

    New Animated Norkek and Hedda

    I always wanted to get into animation. It's been something that
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  • Star-Fall Episode Five

    Star-Fall Episode Five In this episode, I would like to start by thanking our new Pateron backer Leslie!! Thank you so much. 
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  • Star-Fall Bloopers show

    Star-Fall Bloopers show

        Podcasting you make a lot
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  • Norkek And Hedda talk about Dating Apps

    Norkek And Hedda talk about Dating Apps     Norkek and Hedda talk about the popular dating apps. As always their advice is from an Alien point
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  • Norkek and Hedda

    Norkek and Hedda "Catcalls"   Norkek and Hedda talk about human males who Catcall. They of course mistake this practice as a "Reverse Mating call'
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  • Star-Fall Episode Six

    Star-Fall Episode Six

    Star-fall Episode Six starts with a fighter
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  • Episode Seven The dark side of Gdar

    Episode Seven The dark side of Gdar

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