After working on the blog post on Skrup.I have decided that I needed to also create a blog post on all the other words we use in the podcast. In this list, I have included words that have been used but edited out of the show for one reason or another. 


Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast Glossary 

Skrup: See The Word Skrup

Warzodian: Someone from the Planet War-Zod. 

Zap-Nap: A stun pistol

Uber-Skrup-Nasty: Slag given to a heavy pistol that fires barbed needles. This weapon has been banned in all nations 

Star-Fall: The energy that is released from entering or exiting FTL . Also used as the Act of entering or exiting FTL 

Street Preacher: Church of the Illumination special units used to help convert citizens before an invasion. These preachers are dangerous not only because of their extensive training but the fact they are often true believers. This occasionally Backfires when the goals of the Church and the core beliefs of the church are at odds. 

Paladins: The Powered armoured troops used by the order of the Ancient Light. Their armour is far more advanced than anything the confederation has. 

Elome: Sentient Lizard species 

Fractal: A visual image used by G'Dar to expand their mind into a psychic Virtual reality  

Ko-Har-Din: The skill used by the G'dar for psychic abilities similar to how humans use martial arts.  Not religious in nature but often mistaken for one due to the amount of ritual and chanting. 

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