If you have been on my Twitter Feed you would know that I have a new job!! My current job is great for the creativity as its mostly brainless work with great hours. The problem is that with that is that it does not pay very well. This was ok for some time but with the bills piling up, it just adds to the stress. Another issue with this job is because we are not allowed to listen to the radio or anything that may distract us I am really behind on my podcasts. I have like an entire season of Steamrollers adventure podcast to catch up on. 

My New job is going to be up in Katoomba. (Blue mountains just outside of Sydney for my American friends) and will give me a 45 min commute each way.  This is going to give me a lot of time to think about what is going to happen next in Star-Fall as well ... you guessed it Podcasts. Now I'm sure that they are not going to let me listen to podcasts as I'm repairing computers (in front of customers) but the commute between Emu Plains and Katoomba will make up for it. 

Got to Love RPG Podcasts

As you can Imagine I love RPG games. I love talking about the theories in modern storytelling. I love to hear what other Gamemasters have done. Podcasts are the best way to listen to a group without actually having to be there or setting time aside. Sure Twitch streams are awesome and Youtube has its place. But in both cases, any form of Video is not going to help me in the car. Podcasts seem to be just right. That and most of them are just over 45 min long. I tend to split my shows between the Actual Play Podcasts and RPG Theory podcasts. 

A good GM steals from other GMs 

OK ok, it's more like Learn from other GMs. If you want to be a good GM or have ever considered being one. One of the biggest bits of advice I can offer is listening to RPG Actual Play Podcasts. Many times when I'm suffering from GMs Block I will take the time to listen to other gamemasters to get good ideas. Sometimes the idea is a plot. Sometimes the idea is a storytelling or gamemastering Technique.