Wow, what a week! 

I have been working on this video for some time. It took me about a week to gather everything that I wanted to put into this video. It Does not matter if you are playing a D&D fighter, Pathfinder warrior, or a Numenera Glaive. This video is for you.

Fighters are almost always "Under Roleplayed" not because they are a boring class to play but because it's so easy to get caught up in the stats and forget that there is a personality behind the numbers. So this video talks about 

  • Is your fighter a legend? 
  • Does your warrior have a code of honor? 
  • Are you playing the fighter correctly because you did not take a powerful feat 
  • How to make your Fighter's fights more exciting
  • Comments from the Twittersphere

No as always if you are playing your fighter like an accountant crunching stats to make sure that every swing of the sword has the optimum chance to do damage there is nothing wrong with that. However, numbers are easily forgotten. This video talks more about finding reasons for your character to fight.



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