Landscapes for RPG games

I have been painting landscapes for a very long time, Being that my mother was also an artist who only painted landscapes I remember sitting on her lap and watching her paint for hours.  This is something that still has a warm spot in my heart. 

What is an RPG book without some landscapes? After all the whole thing is about adventures in strange places. The GM and spend a lot of time describing with detail the Images he/she has in his head or them can just show and image. This becomes even more important if you are writing the book and will not be present when the story is being told. Not that I don't mind a wondrous description of rolling mountains with strange and exotic carnivorous trees. Rocks that move when you are not looking. 

So I'm going to try to do a new landscape painting every week.Some will be very normal. some will be strange and out of the mind of a mad man. Others will have more of a Science fiction feel. I'm going to mix things up with some free art and a few that will have a cost for the license. 


Free Landscape1

I am the fourth generation of artists in my family and most of them have worked mostly on landscapes. This is something that I'm going to be spending a lot more time on. Now that I have started digital painting I have noticed some differences in the styles that you use when using Speed painting vs Acrylic.  

Free Log Bridge Landscape

A landscape of a Log bridge. Sunset in the background.