Class: 35th Level Geek (Subclass: Artist) 

Birth Place: Rio Linda California 

Current Location: Sydney Australia 

Notable skills: Painting, Story Telling, Gamemastering, Drawing, Linux, Mac OSX, Customer service Kung-fu, Podcasting 

Game of Choice: Shadowrun, Numenera, All things West End Games. (Yes even TORG) 

Advantages: Thinking outside the box, Big Blue Eyes, Geek with social skills, Feminist 

Disadvantages: Can't spell, Dyslexia 

Known Enemies: Autocorrect 

You know that kid that was always picked first for the basketball team in P.E. Yah he picked on Kevin a lot.  Kevin has always been a geek even before geek was cool. His love for all things Role playing started the summer of 1982. Had cut his leg badly and had to get stitches. With nothing to do his friend brought over Dungeons and Dragons. Similar to Basketball Kevin also sucked at this game but the difference has he enjoyed it. 35 years later he is still playing and running Role playing games. 

Kevin is currently working on Invoke the tabletop game in hopes to launch a Kickstarter in August. 

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