G'Dar Species for Startfall RPG  Often when I have an idea that I want to flesh out I open up GIMP (Open source version of photoshop) and get to work just getting out my Ideas.  In a Roleplaying game, this is useful because sometimes the Gamemaster will have ideas of what something looks like but the players have no idea. Even though I am a gamemaster and good with descriptions I do tend to run out of words when I'm trying to describe something that is unique. 

With the G'dar I wanted to make sure this race of very intelligent creatures had a unique look to them. The challenge was that I had already used the term "Looks like a very tall Grey Alien from Roswell" in the game. So the various players already had a general idea of what that might be in their head. So I was not able to deviate too far from that after all who wants to have another Star Trek series Klingon vs The Klingons in the Movies and Next Generations. So I had better make it close. 

This is where the world building comes in. 

You have to put in a few things into consideration while you are working on the world building for the species 

  • G'dar are not as physically active as Humans
  • Most of their language is telepathic they use verbal language to augment their conversations  
  • G'Dar are very perceptive and can notice things that most people take for granted 
  • They proudly are members of "Clusters" a kind of not so Secret society or club
  • Gender is a strange concept to them 
  • They have lost their homeworld long before the crash and have integrated with other cultures maintaining their idea of identity through clusters 

So with that in mind, I had elongated the neck and removed the nose entirely. Not even having nostrils. Their small mouth is because it's primarily used to eat. Communication with the mouth so it's not as large. Also because most of the communication is done through telepathy they don't need to be as expressive as other species. So I removed the Eyebrows. 

How do you tell them apart? Well as a G'Dar it's easy they have a different Psi signature. However, The idea of having unique markings on their forehead similar to face paint would help distinguish who they are, and what cluster they belong to. 

I chose the color of the skin to be as different from the "Grey" as I could. I happen to like the idea of teal and muted blue as a skin colour. 

Their clothing would depend on where they were living. In the Image above this one is part of the Confederate Space Marines and therefore would wear an appropriate uniform. Though in public or off duty would wear robes also proudly showing off their cluster. 


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