RPG clip art in forsale , Axe ,Dagger , Mace
Loading the images into my database for sale sometime next week
I have been working non-stop producing RPG clipart. I'm currently working on a series of Fantasy style weapons to the catalog. The images will be for sale with the rights to use them in publications. I'm going to be pricing them so that the new game designer can actually afford to use them in their Kickstarter projects. 
My Process is to find public domain images as a reference then heavily modify them so that they are clearly a new weapon and fits the feel of the Dungeons & Dragons style. Real weapons are cool to use as a foundation but mythical weapons as just that much cooler.
I think the amount of time that I have spent around weapons like this has been helping me with the design. Currently with 5 medieval weapons so far I'm thinking there is a going to be a good selection to pick from.
If you are working on a Kickstarter project and would like a discount for RPG clip art please contact us and let see what we can do. After all as a game designer with a very limited budget, I know how expensive art can get. 
I am also going to be taking requests 

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