We were playing Robo Rally the other day and I was thinking I should make some robot Icons. So here we go I'm going to make these for free because It only took me less than 10 mins to make them. So if you are working on a board game and need a robot Icon feel free to use them

Blue Robot Icon free for game designers
Robot Icons for Boardgames


I'm working on some other Board game stock for board games. If you have any ideas of what kinds of board game art you would like to see let me know.  


Free Robot Icon Rust

Robot Icon with a rust color perfect for board games or card games. This image is free to use in your board game or RPG product. all we ask is that you give us credit. 

Free Robot icon for Board games Purple

Purple Robot icon for boardgames. Free to use for Board games or RPGs. 

Free to use for your board game or Kickstart project all we ask is credit for the work 

Free Free Red Robot Icon for Board games

Red Robot Icon free to use with your Kickstarter project. All we ask is that you mention us in the credits. 

Free Blue Robot Icon

Blue Robot Icon for Board games. Free to use with your board game you will publish on Kickstarter. Please credit us for the use of the art.

Free Green Robot Icon

Green Robot Icon. 

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