One of the things I love about Twitter is that people do talk back. I get some of the best feedback from Twitter. So looking at my list of clipart I asked myself "What do game designers need". I had one of those moments where my brain was just not working and I could not come up with anything. 

So I asked Twitter 

"Hey Game designers what kinds of clipart do you need?" 

The reply was not surprising and kicked my brain off into high gear. Out of the ten replies I got 4 requests for Zombie Clip art. All every reply was from someone who works in board games. So putting that into consideration I am not making Zombie Clip art with Boardgames in mind. A few of the icons will have different colour backgrounds. I will be designing a few different levels of quality and will price them according to the amount of time it takes me to draw them. The Icon below is going to be one of the cheeper designs as it only took me about 30 min to create. 

We should have the clipart uploaded to the store by the end of this week. Please check back as we are making new designs every day


Zombie with Blue background clip art for board games
Zombie Clip art

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