Dragon Attacks Village at midnight
Dragon attacks Village by Kevin C Mason

Dragon attacks at night
This painting came to me in a dream. So I got to work on it right away after dropping the family off at the train. The idea was to play with light and shadow at the same time have a fantasy theme. I also do a lot of thinking while I am painting. Like would dragons have good night vision and if so do they only attack during the day to give the poor knights a sporting chance? After all, these beasts are supposed to be smarter than humans. So why would they attack during the day? Why even consider giving the villagers a chance?
These are the things that I think about while I am painting. As always if you are interested in using these images in your check out our shopping cart. also please take a look at our Clipart terms and conditions MUST READ
$5.00 each Dragon Attacks At night
$5.00 each Dragon attacks at Midnight Close up

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