So as you know this last weekend was Running Numenera for the first time. One of the things that happened in the game was the Players encountered a Murden ( A Crow like Abhuman or Humanoid straight out of the Numenera Main book) Who was trying to sell stolen and (Non-functional or spent) Cyphers. 

During the sales pitch, I asked for the players If I could do a GM Intrusion. The Player agreed almost instantly.  The intrusion was that the Murden had stolen the characters Hook Knife. The play did not notice till after the murden was attempting to leave. This did result in the death of the Murden. As a GM  have taken notes to make sure that the Murden will not be kind to that character at all in the future. 

As for the drawing above. I wanted to test myself to see if I could do this within an hour. YES, I CAN :). I may just illustrate our campaign as it goes. 

Unlike my other images, this image is not for sale. but I'm putting it into my Game Illustration portfolio 

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