Zombies. I need to paint more of them. Have you ever spent anytime one Kickstarter games and did not see at least one Zombie Game? Yes, I had the same result. There always seems to be one game that has something to do with Zombies. Some of them look amazing and a few of them looks like they have just taken another game and slapped a Zombie on the cover. Personally, I prefer to haver better gameplay than a catchy theme. However, there is a need for Zombies in the games so I 'm just going to make more. 

One of the things about working with Zombies is that you have to take a second look at human anatomy. Not only do you have to think about where the nose is but where it used to be. This does make some very interesting drawing. This one I'm going to only charge $5 for the license to use in your games because it only took me 15 min to paint. 

Zombie Clip art for Kickstarter games.

$5.00 each Zombie with missing Eye

More Zombies!!! WE need more Zombies I'm told. So that Is what I'm going to give you.  This was a quick sketch of a Zombie I did today. This one was a test to see how well I could work with layers. I'm really starting to get the hang of it. I'm setting the price of this one to $5 because It only took me 30 min of work.