Star-fall Episode Three

Episode Three "Mecha, Turbo Weasels & Mama Bear Oh My! 

In this episode, we introduce a cohost "Turbo" who will be renamed by the listeners at a later date. The formal introduction during the game was lost due to some technical issues so I decided to make it up to the little guy and make him a co-host. I think the bad decisions on this one had a cascading effect. Turbo is a small cyborg weasel who has befriended Arkady, His natural curiosity is bound to get the players in trouble, but for now, he is just too cute to leave behind. 

 Norkek and Hedda is our version of a comedic social commentary. but unlike other good science fiction, we are not going to hide it. We are however going to take it, twist it and make it funny. These two Aliens talk about humans and always seem to get it wrong. in all the right ways. 

The Planet War-Zod in my mind is a cross between the Serra and Nevada mountains & Australia's Blue Mountains now throw in dinosaurs. As a Gamemaster, I have not attacked the party with a dinosaur for a reason. (Thinking I might do that in Season Two). 

  • Intro of Turbo Weasel
  • Norkek and Hedda
  • Ad for Warzodian animal control 
  • Lex Logstride gives the news 
  • The players escape from the city into the dangerous forest/jungle of Warzod 






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