I always wanted to get into animation.

It's been something that I have wanted to do since I was a child. Like all things in my life I was discouraged from following this as "Artist don't make money". Lucky for me Imp was kind enough to get me a new art tablet for Xmas and along with it came software for animation. This is making me very very happy! 

Lucky for me I already have a voice actor who does amazing work. All I have to do is get the animation to work with the voice.

Norkek and Hedda are two aliens that let just say are a cross between pinky and the brain and pulp fiction conversations.

  The two aliens like to talk about humans (most of the time human mating habits). They will always seem to get the information wrong in a way that will make the viewer think. 

Norkek as a Large Elome (Lizard). He tends to have a lot of knowledge that somehow gets mixed up in his head. His interpretations about humans always seem to go the wrong way, Yet he somehow makes his point. 

  Hedda is the Four-armed humanoid fish ( Called a Glippan) Glippan workers do not have genders as their queen and breeders are the only ones that reproduce. This does cause some confusion for Hedda when talking about humans. Hedda is kind-hearted and always wants to help 

This Video/podcast is designed to make you think about what it means to be a human in humorous ways. This podcast is perfect for feminists and free thinkers. 

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