Battle with Space pirates in the airlock 

Podcast notes 

IN this episode the party fights of other space pirates who attack the ship they are on (yes they are also space pirates its a dog eat dog world) 

We get to learn a little about the combat system. We also get to know more about the Uber Skrup nasty. As well as what T'lee has for dinner.  The party debates what to do with the pirate ship and Gerry tries out a signature move "The Lizard Lounge" 

More about us 

We are an Australian RPG podcast located just outside of Sydney. We are a diverse group of awesome geeks who find time to drink and have a blast around the table rolling dice. As a group, we have a mix of experience with roleplaying games. Some of the players have never played a roleplaying game until they joined the cast of this show. 

Star-Fall is an RPG world that I have been running in many systems. Gurps, D6, Masterbook, and Cypher system. For the purpose of this show, we are going to be using the D6 system. 

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