Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast Promo

One of the problems with not having all your content ready the moment you publish is that it takes time to build the content needed to make a good promo. This is the first of the promos for season one of Star-Fall actual Play podcast. Feel free to download the file and play on your podcasts. Hell if you do play it please let us know and we will be more than happy to give you a shout out on twitter or more. 

Who would want to listen to this podcast? 

This is one of those questions that you need to ask your self when making a good promo. It took me some time and I was able to make a list.

Roleplaying Geeks who enjoy story over mechanics.

Our show is not heavy on mechanics as I tend to run Rules light systems. We are currently using the D6 system (heavily modified to suit my needs). Personally, I would fall into this category because if you were to see my phone right now all you would see is RPG Podcasts.

We have a rule "Combat bad story good" . this means that having an episode around the campfire or in a fast food restaurant is more important than a mech battle (Though we do mix that in ... it is an Adventure after all) 

Feminist Geeks who enjoy Sci-fi


All you have to hear is Norkek and Hedda to understand this. Star-Fall is supposed to be 800 years in the future. We would hope that the issues we have today with Gender equality would be gone by then. We try to have our non-player characters written in a way that gender or ethnicity is not an issue. This is written in the DNA of the world so if in the future someone gets all bent out of shape because Targon Wells is played by an Asian Female over 50 .. tell them to get Skrupped! 

The same goes for Ethnicity. In 500 years we are going to have all kinds of new ethnic backgrounds. So all NPCs are written as "Warmedian" , Warzodian, Jhoddian etc . the color of their skin does not come into play at all. 

Australians who love Sci-Fi or RPGs 

Yes, I'm an American living in Sydney. I'm also the only non-citizen at the table. We are actively looking for a venue in the greater Sydney or Blue mountains area that would like to host us for a recording. We are also open to Guest players in that area. So please support Australian Science Fiction by listening to our show. 

Lovers of the Open D6 System 

Do you remember the Star Wars D6 System? I do and I love it. (I'm a huge fan of everything West End Games .... Sad face) There is something about the system that was so easy to use. I started using this system for Star-Fall over 20 years ago. I do have to admit our brand of the D6 system has drifted away from its original in many ways. 

 You want to support independent creators 

Yep, that is us .. .we are very independent. This podcast started with a budget of $45. Lucky we were able to get help from our Pateron backers. The money we earn from our backers will be spent on hosting fees, Computer upgrades. The rest will go to the cast. At some point we would love to pay our Voice actors. 


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