This is the first installment of Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast. This Science fiction podcast is a combination of short stories, audio dramas and actual roleplay to tell a much larger story. We are currently using the Open D6 system but are always looking to try different systems. We are also using Role Vs Roll Game master tool  to help the players with the roleplay,  

It took forever to get the editing done. The first night and we had a little too much to drink .. or maybe it was the right amount. You would never have guessed that three of the players have never played an RPG before. Can you guess who? Starfall Cast. If you would like to help us out with voice acting please visit our page. We are always looking for volunteers. 

The story starts as The Church of The illumination arrives on the planet War-Zod.

The player characters wake up in a jail cell. The characters are a male prostitute, An alcoholic Sergon octopus, a retired merc, A bartender and knowledge broker, a large alien reptile mortician, A four-armed aquatic alien, and a Physic alien.  These strangers who barely know each other must find a way to escape. Before that happens  Arkady is approached by members on the resistance posing as police. 



  • We meet the Players 
  • Chicken Soup: Short Story
  • Eric Keys is attacked by the Church of Illumination Fleet 
  • Targon Wells Commander of the Church fleet Talks with his advisor about the invasion 
  • Meet the Players
  • Arkady Discovers why they are in jail 
  • Rocket Bob Used spaceships 
  • Steamrollers Adventure Podcast
  • The Escape. 


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