I love tabletop Day! Why? Because I get to play other people's games and connect with some awesome people. 

The Party was being thrown by my good friend Penny.  Everything was scheduled to kick off sometime around 11 AM. As much as we wanted to be there by that time the real world such as laundry Grocery shopping and a few and a few chores got in the way. Not to mention a one hour drive to her house. So we arrived somewhat later. 

 This time around we played a round of Killer bunnies & Code Names.  

Imp is not a fan of Code Names at parties because it's one of those games they have in the break room at work. Being that she is at a party the last thing she wants to do is play something she is going to be playing again on Monday. Myself I like the game but find that I'm not very good at it. My brain can make too many associations so all the cards can link up. After two rounds I was done. 

Tabletop Day Playing Killer Bunnies

Killer bunnies, on the other hand, is one of those games that has made it to the Games and websites we love page. 

For those who have played the game its always a good time to take some extra time to shuffle. My first draw I would have almost one of the game because I had 4 choose a Carrot cards (They key to the whole game is gathering Carrots for a raffle draw at the end of the game) I was happy to do a redraw because the point is not winning the game like that. This is a problem with Killer bunnies because at the end of the game a lot of the cards are grouped together. And with that many cards, it is not easy to shuffle them. I have found give everyone about 50-100 cards and have them shuffle that.. Take one-half of those cards and hand them to the player next to them. Shuffle the cards some more and do one more cutting of the cards just to make sure. 

For some reason every time I Play Killer bunnies it seems to be the same theme .. I never have Bunnies till the mid part of the game. I spent most of my time discarding cards that I could not use because I could not meet the Bunny Requirement. Towards the end of the game, I was finally able to get a bunny or two. 

For those who have played Killer Bunnies most of the game itself is total Chaos. With bunnies meeting a gruesome and hilarious death! This game was no different. 

Look at this hand

I ended up winning the game due to the games Raffle mechanic. Though some people do not like this mechanic because it can undo a lot of cleaver work during the game I find it kind of refreshing. It does mean that you need to gather as many carrots as you can during the game. Making those items far more valuable. 


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