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RVR Tips and Tricks

The Action Hero Card

Role playing games are supposed to be exciting.  So why am I always playing it safe when it comes to action? I think because of its a game and in the back of my mind I'm trying to "Win".  I was inspired to create this card when one of my characters were forced to be a bit heroic. It was one of those action sequences where I should not have survived but the GM was so happy with the action that he totally handwaved all the physics involved. 

The key to playing the card is to be very descriptive with all your actions. The more you can add the better (though don't go overboard) 


Bad description: " I roll acrobatics to jump from the bike to the car" 

Good description: "I go full throttle next to the car then I raise myself up on the seat like I'm surfing. From there I kick the front tire break catapulting me on the top of the car " 


The GM is encouraged to not kill the characters who are enacting this card. That does not mean they should not spend a week or two in the hospital .. just make it so they survive the stunt ... barely. 


Role Playing best practices. 

Try to add as many senses into the description as possible. and stand up and act out what you are doing. Draw pictures if you have to. Anything to help the other players envision what you are attempting to do. 


Also don't expect to be successful after all this s a crazy stunt in an RPG the dice may hate you. (Reminder to the GM to not be a dick because someone is playing this card) 


Bad Habits get you XP!

The Bad habit card for Role Vs Roll

Basically, this is a card is to show the characters less savory side. One of the things that make your character feel real is their flaws. What a better way to do this by giving the character a bad habit that annoys someone else. This should not be an addiction (that is a new card coming in the next expansion pack)

  • Always chewing and popping gum
  • Whistles Christmas carols all year round when bored
  • That person who is always shaking their leg
  • Randomly burps loudly
  • Calls everyone Kiddo or Bae
  • Always sharpening their knife (Bad habit in airports)
  • Drinking a brew that smells bad
  • Very messy eater
  • Interrupts NPCs when they are talking about something important (not recommended to do so with Players)

Because this is a Role Vs Roll card you should think of ways that this habit can get you into trouble but not interfere with the plot. This could be popping gum when you and the rest of the party are trying to sneak past the guards.   Even though the guard did not notice the other characters might look at you very harshly.  

Role Vs Roll Game master tool




 These cards are for to help players come up with role playing Ideas while the GM is focusing on the rest of the game. 


This deck helps the GM provide a better game experience for everyone by providing players with a character and story development tool while giving the GM a bonus framework that emphasizes the story, not the stats. Consider this a Game Master tool kit. 

Bad Habit RPG Card  

  •  *Works with any RPG System (even homebrews)
  •  *Easy one-minute rules explanation
  • *Designed to create more fun & backstory into each character
  • *Encourages better descriptions and character interactions
  • *Character development starts the moment player draws a card
  • *Keeps the game interactive and unpredictable even for the GM


It is ALL about the STORY


Interactive character and plot development tool for players



  • *40 Role vs. Roll cards
  • *Instructions
  •  *2 Blank cards for your own design


$3.00 each Role VS Roll PDF
$1.00 each Role VS Roll Printer friendly Version.


Role VS Roll for character Creation

There are many ways to use Role Vs Roll other than the way listed in the box. Just recently I have been using the cards to help me create NPCs. Here is my process. Let me know what you use. I used to use the Shadowrun first edition "20 Questions" to help flesh out NPCs .. however, I did find that the list of questions was very specific to Shadowrun. What I like about using Role VS Roll cards in this way is that it is random and you will not be asking the same question to every NPC. 


  1. Create the basic NPC 
  2. While thinking of the back story Draw three to five Role VS Roll cards 
  3. Try to think of that character as PC for a short period of time and try to think how you would play those cards. 
  4. Write down the result as a reflection of the Characters personality