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The Bad habit card for Role Vs Roll

Basically, this is a card is to show the characters less savory side. One of the things that make your character feel real is their flaws. What a better way to do this by giving the character a bad habit that annoys someone else. This should not be an addiction (that is a new card coming in the next expansion pack)

  • Always chewing and popping gum
  • Whistles Christmas carols all year round when bored
  • That person who is always shaking their leg
  • Randomly burps loudly
  • Calls everyone Kiddo or Bae
  • Always sharpening their knife (Bad habit in airports)
  • Drinking a brew that smells bad
  • Very messy eater
  • Interrupts NPCs when they are talking about something important (not recommended to do so with Players)

Because this is a Role Vs Roll card you should think of ways that this habit can get you into trouble but not interfere with the plot. This could be popping gum when you and the rest of the party are trying to sneak past the guards.   Even though the guard did not notice the other characters might look at you very harshly.