Here is the future home for Invoke the Tabletop Game 

Invoke is a game where the players must design a spell using the cards in their hands at the moment. The game requires quick thinking and creative use of the cards. Unlike most Wizard duel games where a single card is considered a spell. Invoke requires the player to be more creative. At the time of publishing, we only know of about 100 combinations of spells. However, that is only because I am not able to figure out the calculation for such a crazy combination. So we are assuming thousands. 

The Goal of the game is to rid the other players of the "These stones are used as hitpoints. You may use spells to steal the Life Gems from other players. 

Part of the fun of Invoke is the counterspells. That powerful spell that is heading in your direction may end up being the casters downfall as you turn the spell back on them with only a few cards.