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 These cards are for to help players come up with role playing Ideas while the GM is focusing on the rest of the game. 


This deck helps the GM provide a better game experience for everyone by providing players with a character and story development tool while giving the GM a bonus framework that emphasizes the story, not the stats. Consider this a Game Master tool kit. 

Bad Habit RPG Card  

  •  *Works with any RPG System (even homebrews)
  •  *Easy one-minute rules explanation
  • *Designed to create more fun & backstory into each character
  • *Encourages better descriptions and character interactions
  • *Character development starts the moment player draws a card
  • *Keeps the game interactive and unpredictable even for the GM


It is ALL about the STORY


Interactive character and plot development tool for players



  • *40 Role vs. Roll cards
  • *Instructions
  •  *2 Blank cards for your own design


$3.00 each Role VS Roll PDF
$1.00 each Role VS Roll Printer friendly Version.