Star-Fall Actual Play Science Fiction Podcast

After a lot of work, it was time to publish our Podcast. Starfall Actual Play Podcast is a combination of Short stories, Audio Dramas and recorded RPG games all mixed together to tell one epic story. 

Starfall RPG is set 500 years after the collapse of a galactic empire. Two governments are fighting over control,  while independent systems are caught in the crossfire. The players in this campaign are from the planet War-Zod. An independent planet that was recently invaded by the Church of the illumination. a Theocracy determined to convert all sentient species to their religion by force if needed. 

Our Podcast is a Funny and sometimes dark exploration of what it would be like to have your home planet invaded. The characters have been deliberately been made to be totally unqualified to handle this situation. (Low power campaign with potential for greatness) 

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  • Episode1 : The Arrival. Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast

    Episode1 : The Arrival. Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast This is the first installment of Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast. This Science fiction podcast is a combination of short stories, audio dramas
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  • Star-Fall Episode Two

    Star-Fall Episode Two

    This highspeed anti-gravity chase takes place in the streets in the skies of the Agricultural city on the planet War-Zod.  The Players characters
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  • Star-fall Episode Three

    Episode Three "Mecha, Turbo Weasels & Mama Bear Oh My!

    In this episode, we introduce a cohost "Turbo" who will be renamed by the listeners at a later date. The
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  • Star-Fall RPG Podcast episode Four

    Star-Fall Episode Four Campfires and Heated converations

    In this episode, the players discover what was walking through the trees. They also start a few heated conversations around
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  • New Animated Norkek and Hedda

    New Animated Norkek and Hedda

    I always wanted to get into animation. It's been something that
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  • Star-Fall Episode Five

    Star-Fall Episode Five In this episode, I would like to start by thanking our new Pateron backer Leslie!! Thank you so much. 
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  • Star-Fall Bloopers show

    Star-Fall Bloopers show

        Podcasting you make a lot
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  • Norkek And Hedda talk about Dating Apps

    Norkek And Hedda talk about Dating Apps     Norkek and Hedda talk about the popular dating apps. As always their advice is from an Alien point
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  • Norkek and Hedda

    Norkek and Hedda "Catcalls"   Norkek and Hedda talk about human males who Catcall. They of course mistake this practice as a "Reverse Mating call'
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  • Star-Fall Episode Six

    Star-Fall Episode Six

    Star-fall Episode Six starts with a fighter
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  • Episode Seven The dark side of Gdar

    Episode Seven The dark side of Gdar

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