Star-Fall Actual Play Science Fiction Podcast

After a lot of work, it was time to publish our Podcast. Starfall Actual Play Podcast is a combination of Short stories, Audio Dramas and recorded RPG games all mixed together to tell one epic story. 

Starfall RPG is set 500 years after the collapse of a galactic empire. Two governments are fighting over control,  while independent systems are caught in the crossfire. The players in this campaign are from the planet War-Zod. An independent planet that was recently invaded by the Church of the illumination. a Theocracy determined to convert all sentient species to their religion by force if needed. 

Our Podcast is a Funny and sometimes dark exploration of what it would be like to have your home planet invaded. The characters have been deliberately been made to be totally unqualified to handle this situation. (Low power campaign with potential for greatness) 

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