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Starfall Podcast is a huge cast. 3 different countries and 5 Timezones. We have split the cast into two different categories, Player Cast & Voice Cast (NPCs) we have done this to keep the players in the dark when it comes to the plot and what will happen next. 



Kevin C Mason       

Kevin Has been running RPGs for over 30 years. He likes to think of himself as a storyteller vs a judicator of rules. He finds that there is no greater joy than to find that his players are having a good time. Though sometimes that takes the form of throwing the characters to the wolves and hoping they can figure a way out. Kevin also is the creator of Role Vs Roll Cards and the host of Role Vs Roll Youtube channel. 


Player Cast 


Voice Acting Cast (NPC) 

Michael J. Rigg, 

Mike is the author of a Steampunk universe called The Heart of Bronze, which began as the novel Clockwork Looking Glass, and is now part of the growing Steam Rollers Adventure Podcast. Mike hails from the American Midwest, where his day job consists of building newspaper frameworks coast-to-coast. His love of storytelling, acting, and adventure lead to his Steampunk empire as well as his role on Starfall. He lives in Chicago, IL with his wife and herd of Italian Greyhounds. 


Voice of Commander Wells


Tazz Richards. 

a writer, musician and sings with the mostly a capella group Brass Farthing. He lives in San Francisco. 

Roles: Rocket Bob 


Jason Dean 

As the owner of Thinker Entertainment, Sydney's third-largest trivia business, Jason always has a microphone in front of his face. "Hey, you should do radio" people often say. Little did they know, he had much loftier ambitions. Still waiting for Bethesda to get in touch, maybe this is a stepping stone...

Roles :Rex Longstride Alpha news 

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