We are back!!

Usually, this is where we should say Hello world … but in reality “Hello again world” would be more accurate. Jackmonkey Games had to take a bit of a break during covid but we came back.

So real life happened.

Life universe and everything seemed to happen all at once. While I was expecting the answer to be 42 it seems that Bushfires, lockdowns, moving house, work redundancies and starting a business. All while having to pull our resources and consider what was really important.

Covid not only made it so we could no longer game in person. My employer made me redundant. Making it so I was required to find new work. One problem is I’m the only mac tech in an hour’s drive. Then we released .. I was the only mac tech. Why not open our own Mac repairs and Training in the blue mountains area.

IF you ever have tried to start a business you would know that it is a lot of work. It uses up all your time and money. Not only did I need to build a totally new website I had to try to get clients in a new town. This unfortunately meant no gaming for us.

Star-Fall on break

You would think that a computer guy would love the idea of playing RPG games over Zoom, Skype or Discord? But I love RPG games because they are not connected to a computer screen. I love the fun that can be had with your friends across the table.

Something about online gaming seems to bother me. My ADHD can not seem to work with it. I spend more time trying to figure out what is going on than actually playing the game AND I AM THE GAME MASTER!!

So watch this space as Jackmonkey Games is back!

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