Part 2: Esther’s Interview

Part 2: Esther’s Interview

By The Fiction Fairy

Dear Reader: This is part 2 of “Brethren of Judas”, which is becoming a bit of a serial work. It is written as an interview, where only the answers are supplied. so the reader must think of the questions. Please read this AFTER part one and not in the wrong order!

Answer: I will start by stating how much I resent this being forced upon me. It is wrong to make us speak to Romans about matters of faith, but I intend to do my utmost to help our Prophet be cleared. 

Answer: I, Esther, am a humble woman and proud to talk about the path of the righteous alongside our Prophet. I am carrying his child right now and I previously bore him three others. My womb has been fruitful for him and I have nothing to be ashamed of. 

Answer: Pardon, how did I come to be here? Well, the sinful world of the Romans was not for me at all, I was lost until I found the Family, so what does it matter?

Answer: Fine, I will explain. To the Family, all of you are sinful Romans. The true betrayers of Christ were the Romans because they could have listened but instead chose to mock. I believe that is what is happening here, to me and the others you have spoken to.

Answer: I was sixteen and I had run away from home. It was 1984 and I tried to stay with my aunt, a sinful woman who was constantly drunk because my cousin had taken his own life. At the time, I was sad and missed him, and I thought she would benefit from my company, but now I know better. She was so weak. There was no one strong willed in her line at all and my cousin had succumbed to the pressures of the Roman world without a role model, typical. Why else would he hang himself? He could have been a fine man under the right guidance. 

Answer: I was staying with her when I heard the Prophet speak. He was preaching in the open at the park with a small crowd around him and I was mesmerised by his beautiful message. Do you realise, you filthy Roman reporter, that he is just trying to help people? Those who are lost are the ones who need to listen the most! So, yes, take my words to your corrupt judges and lawyers, see if we care. We’re the only ones on the side of what’s good and clean and we are the future of this country, you’ll see. You’ll ALL see. 

Answer: Pardon? No, he didn’t ask for anything! He offered his help, don’t you see that? 

Answer: I will tell you, if you stop interrupting. 

Answer: He has the answers. He is being destroyed by your misleading media whores because he dares to tell the truth and that’s why I followed him. The gathering around him was called “The Rally for the Righteous” and those who are too stupid to hear the truth can all just walk away. I mean, a lot of people did, but when he was speaking, I felt like he was just talking to me, and it was perfect. A perfect message, just what I needed to hear. 

Answer: I’m TELLING you, may I speak? Thank you. 

Answer: He was very confident. At that time, he was wearing his hair shorter, it was blonde and neat. The way he moved his hands and his voice, it drew us to him and if you had an open heart and a clever mind, you’d realise this man was the only one who could save us and our country. I was only sixteen and he was, I think, in his mid-thirties, but he has the wisdom of his previous life and the Angel of the Lord spoke straight to him. He can take us back to a better time when people looked after each other and family was everything, before all the violence, moral decline and damage to the children began. Don’t you see? That’s why we were encouraged to have his children, he is an amazing father! Look at the Kaye’s, look at the boys! Hard working, smart and respectful to their elders! That’s how it SHOULD be, before girls started dressing like boys and shoving metal rods through their noses, but look who I’m telling. You think you’re impressing me, wearing your hair all purple like that? It’s unnatural! And you wonder why you don’t understand, the chemicals probably damaged your mind! 

Answer: Excuse me? I don’t have anything to apologise for. 

Answer: Well, I’m sorry you took umbrage at what I said, but the fact of the matter is, you are wrong. It is not my fault that you weren’t raised to respect your elders. 

Answer: Fine. I will keep personal remarks out of it. 

Answer: After I saw him, that day in the park, I took a pamphlet with me and I really thought about it. It made a lot of sense so I went the next time, to a different park, bigger crowd, and I told him my name and he invited me to the circle meeting and it was beautiful. We talked for hours, we passed around a joint and he helped remove the wool that had been pulled over my eyes and I realised, this was what I had been looking for. I didn’t even know people like the Prophet and his followers even existed, it was beautiful. It was like coming home to a family I didn’t know I had. They understood me and gave me the gift of the truth about the world. All the answers I’d been searching for, about life, the world, people, I had them handed to me by the Prophet and he asked for nothing in return. Not a single thing. So, of course I followed him. I would go to the ends of the Earth for him. 

Answer: I don’t like that question, I don’t think you should call our beautiful Family a cult at all, you have no idea what it’s really like. 

Answer: I’m not defensive, you’re just wrong. 

Answer: May I continue? Thank you. Such good manners for a Roman. 

Answer: I went home to my aunt and packed my things, that’s what I did. It wasn’t really any of her business, like it isn’t any of yours, but I went straight there, to the farm, to make myself useful. You wouldn’t know what… never mind. I took a bus to the nearby town and walked there, with my suitcase and they opened the gate and I was welcomed in. The Family can tell who the quality folk are because we listen with an open mind and we don’t descend to your level of mockery. I went into the dorm and we were happy, that’s that. I fell pregnant about a month later and I couldn’t be prouder of the two Kaye’s and Benjamin. They’ve grown up smart and strong, surrounded by people who love them, away from your world of violence and pedophiles. 

Answer: We don’t separate our truth into core and non-core, truth is truth and the sacred numbers the Prophet uses from the Bible spell it out good and clear. The truth has been hidden from the majority of people for a long time, until it was uncovered by our Prophet in “The Trial of Christ”. Everything you were taught at school is wrong. Judas was no traitor, he was doing as he was told. In the Family, we do as we are told by the Prophet and we are the new Brethren of Judas, we are faithful and do not question, as Judas did not question. There is so much to learn about the world that you do not know and if you would just listen to me, you would realise that the Prophet has the answers. The Prophet explained that Judas had free will and used his free will to follow the path of righteousness. The betrayal is a lie. In fact, I can prove…

Answer: What crimes? Our Family has committed no crimes. 

Answer: Day to day? Well, there’s a lot to do, it’s a farm and there are a lot of mouths to feed. We all work together, grow our own food, wash, clean, organise, maintain and in the afternoons, we gather to listen to the Prophet speak. Little boys like my Benjamin learn from the men, wood working, digging, y’know, manly things. The little Kaye’s learn sewing, cooking, raising the smaller children, all the skills of keeping a home. There’s a lot to learn if you’re not arrogant and assume you know everything. 

Answer: It’s not a drug the way you describe it, its marijuana, plain and simple. We do not call it that, though, we call it Maria the Sacred Herb. We grow it, use it and make money selling it, it’s grown in perfect conditions, and it was put on Earth to be used by God, so I don’t see how you can call it a drug like it’s a bad thing. 

Answer: No, I deny that completely. It is certainly NOT freely available, in fact only the chosen Elders like myself and the Prophet and a few select others are allowed to use it. It’s for the visions. It is SO ignorant to say we’re harming the children, that is just ridiculous. It’s used to reduce pain and to assist in our visions, nothing more. 

Answer: I do not know what happens to the surplus, if you can even call it that. What are you implying? I do not know how much we produce, that is men’s business. We trade openly with the outside world by selling our wares, there is no shame in that. We have to participate in your shameful world to buy medicine and supplies but we do NOT need you. Your world and its trappings means nothing to us.

Answer: The role of sex, as you put it, is for procreation in our Family. All the women look after each other carefully, we are the future. Our sacred wombs are producing the next generation of the Family and we do not take that duty lightly. We, the older women, are limited in the number of children we can bear for the Prophet, but as soon as a girl has begun her sinner’s bleed, she is fit for the Prophet’s seed. This little one I am carrying will be my last, but I still assist the younger girls when they participate in the Laying. 

Answer: I am growing tired of telling you, but I will repeat myself: your rules do not apply to our Family. On our land, where our Family has lived for years, your rules do not exist or apply. I understand the word consent, I do, but in our Family, that is not how we apply it. Ultimately, the Prophet has authority over our bodies and all the Family members have to use their self-control. There is nothing illegal about what our Family does, no matter how you see it. 

Answer: I believe I HAVE answered your question about that, but since you are so interested in it, I will clarify. The girls do not earn a name beyond Kaye until they bear a child. After that, it is the will of the Prophet that the men should enjoy women’s flesh, if she is in agreement. The men approach and request relations, the women say yes or no and the rest is their business. But the honour of producing children is the Prophet’s alone.

Answer: I do not have to tell you who I shared my flesh with, that is none of your business. But I will clarify again, only the Prophet is to bear children, the men are not permitted to. All the men, every single one of them, have been treated to make their seed ineffective, as this is the will of the Prophet before they can join our Family. 

Answer: Yes, when my Benjamin is of age, he will be sent away to have his operation as well. I am proud to say that. He is an important member of the Family, certainly, but the honour of procreating belongs to the Prophet alone. The Prophet was anointed when he was still in his mother’s womb, just like it was written in Jeremiah, and will continue to lead our church until his body expires and he will be born to one of his women, us. Not me, but maybe one of my daughters will have that supreme honour. 

Answer: Because the Prophet is the only person in this country, possibly in this world, who knows the truth. Everything you have been told is a lie and my Family, who have been granted the wisdom, are the only ones who will be saved. No one else can save us like he can, he is the only one who can do this noble work of spreading the word. That’s why he’s been defamed by your media and its lies. They are threatened by him. He is not a drug lord, pedophile, womaniser or any of those things you have said. His accusers are the guilty ones. We are just a humble Family who want to be left alone in our farm, why are you trying to ruin that, and what does that have to do with missing children?

Answer: That isn’t true, the Prophet has never harmed a child. He is a great man.

Answer: If you cannot understand why it is an honour to bear the child of the most important man in our recent history, I do not have enough words to explain it to you. There aren’t enough words in the world. You have proven you think we are a joke and a cult, but we are not. We are smarter and stronger than you realise and when the time comes, there will be a great uprising and it will not be us on trial, it will be you. All the horrible lies you have spoken about our Family and all the rubbish the media has fabricated will be exposed, pure and simple. We are the only ones doing the right thing now, but no one will listen. The signs are all around you and you don’t see what the Prophet is trying to do. 

Answer: No. I have nothing more to say. 

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