Ortug on Rage

Me Ortug. Today me talk ’bout big angry feeling in D&D called RAGE. When me use RAGE, me feel super strong, like mountain smashing!

RAGE not like normal angry. It’s special. When battle starts, me take deep breath and BOOM! RAGE starts. Me muscles get tight, me see red, and me ready to smash.

RAGE make me hit better, hurt more. Me not feel pain much. If me get hit, me not mind, ’cause me too busy smashing back.

But RAGE not last forever. After bit, me get tired. Me feel drained, like squeezed orange. So, me use RAGE when most needed.

RAGE not just for fighting. Sometimes when me need to move big rocks or scare away beasties, me use RAGE power.

People say RAGE comes from inside, from being true barbarian. Me think they right. Me feel connected to ancestors when RAGE flows.

Wise ones say use RAGE wisely. Me try, but when me see enemies, me just want to smash! It’s like wild beast inside, waiting to break out.

So, to use RAGE: feel battle starting, take deep breath, get mad like storm, hit hard. But remember, RAGE need rest after. Don’t forget that.

RAGE good friend in battle. Me like how it feels, like roaring fire. Just need to watch, not go too wild. That’s how me use RAGE in D&D!