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  • Setting a Non-Combat Scenes in Your Roleplaying Game

    Setting a Non-Combat Scenes in Your Roleplaying Game

    How can you prevent your players from causing issues with the NPCs during Non-Combat Scene? This is a common concern among gamemasters. Players often tend to misbehave in these situations, such as when a mage conspicuously casts spells to impress a court wizard, a barbarian scratches or belches loudly, or a thief contemplates mischief in…

  • Obsidian RPG Notes

    Obsidian RPG Notes

    If you are like me you as a player or a GM like to take notes during a game. Or have one place on your phone, computer or Tablet to store all those images, character sheets and Sourcebook PDFs. Obsidian RPG notes is what you need. Notes for everything not just RPGs I use obsidian…

  • Hunter’s Mark Spell

    Hunter’s Mark Spell: Enhancing the Hunt in D&D In the vast and mystical realm of Dungeons & Dragons, where every adventure teems with challenges and creatures both magical and malevolent, the Hunter’s Mark spell stands out as a vital tool for the cunning hunter. Available to rangers, this 1st-level spell encapsulates the essence of focused…

  • New app for RPG equipment drawings

    New app for RPG equipment drawings

    While RPGs are theatre of the mind that does not mean we can’t give our minds a little help with images. After all the whole point of fantasy art is to expand the imagination. Some of us can draw, some of us can’t, some of us can draw but would rather be rolling dice. I…

  • How to Role Play a fighter

    How to Role Play a fighter

    Title: Becoming the Sword: Roleplaying Your Fighter Beyond the Stats When it comes to role playing a fighter in tabletop roleplaying games like D&D, Pathfinder, or GURPS, there’s a vast realm of possibilities waiting beyond the mere numbers on your character sheet. Here are some tips to breathe life into your fighter and create a…

  • Ortug on Rage

    Ortug on Rage

    Me Ortug. Today me talk ’bout big angry feeling in D&D called RAGE. When me use RAGE, me feel super strong, like mountain smashing! RAGE not like normal angry. It’s special. When battle starts, me take deep breath and BOOM! RAGE starts. Me muscles get tight, me see red, and me ready to smash. RAGE…

  • Ortug On Wizards

    Ortug On Wizards

    Me Ortug. Today me talk ’bout wizzy-wizards. They wear pointy hats and wave hands to make magic happen. Me not understand all that, but it’s kinda like tricks! Wizzy-wizards use spells. Spells like potions, but with words and moves. They say stuff like “abra-cadabra” and boom, fireball! Me not good with words, so me stick…

  • Ortug on Orcs

    Ortug on Orcs

    Me Ortug. Ortug want talk ’bout why me like to fight orcs. Orcs big and tough like me, so fighting fun! Orcs live wild, like freedom. Me also like freedom, so we understand each other. They strong, me strong. When us clash, big booms! Orcs got villages, not fancy like cities. Houses made of wood,…

  • Ortug on Dragons

    Ortug on Dragons

    Me Ortug. Today Ortug talk ’bout big flying lizards – Dragons! Dragons scary and cool, like big mountains with wings. Dragons come in colors – red, blue, green, and more. Each color mean different things. Red one like fire, breath fire. Blue one like sky, fly fast. Green one sneaky, hide in forests. Dragons hoard…

  • Ortug on Other character classes

    Ortug on Other character classes

    e Ortug. Me talk ’bout other RPG friends you play with. Not just smashers like me. There many kinds! Me like all friends, even if me not get their things. Each one help team, like pieces of big puzzle. So, choose friend who fits, go on quests. RPG games full of cool pals! Regenerate