Ortug on Orcs

Me Ortug. Ortug want talk ’bout why me like to fight orcs. Orcs big and tough like me, so fighting fun!

Orcs live wild, like freedom. Me also like freedom, so we understand each other. They strong, me strong. When us clash, big booms!

Orcs got villages, not fancy like cities. Houses made of wood, like forts. Me like simple things. Orcs not like rules, just do what they want. Me respect that.

Sometimes orcs raid places, take stuff. They not care much, like me not care ’bout fancy stuff. We both like simple life.

But orc fights, oh boy! Me get heart pumping. Swing big axe, hear clash of weapons. Orcs fight hard, never back down. Me like challenge.

Orcs also got chiefs, lead tribes. They tough, like me. When me beat orc chief, feel like top of mountain!

Some say orcs bad, but me not sure. They just live different, fight different. Maybe if we talk more, understand each other. But for now, me enjoy good brawl.

So, Ortug fight orcs ’cause they tough, love freedom, fight hard. Me not hate them, just like to see who stronger. Maybe one day, me and orc share meat and stories.