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  • Ortug On Wizards

    Ortug On Wizards

    Me Ortug. Today me talk ’bout wizzy-wizards. They wear pointy hats and wave hands to make magic happen. Me not understand all that, but it’s kinda like tricks! Wizzy-wizards use spells. Spells like potions, but with words and moves. They say stuff like “abra-cadabra” and boom, fireball! Me not good with words, so me stick…

  • Ortug on Orcs

    Ortug on Orcs

    Me Ortug. Ortug want talk ’bout why me like to fight orcs. Orcs big and tough like me, so fighting fun! Orcs live wild, like freedom. Me also like freedom, so we understand each other. They strong, me strong. When us clash, big booms! Orcs got villages, not fancy like cities. Houses made of wood,…

  • Ortug on Dragons

    Ortug on Dragons

    Me Ortug. Today Ortug talk ’bout big flying lizards – Dragons! Dragons scary and cool, like big mountains with wings. Dragons come in colors – red, blue, green, and more. Each color mean different things. Red one like fire, breath fire. Blue one like sky, fly fast. Green one sneaky, hide in forests. Dragons hoard…

  • Ortug on Other character classes

    Ortug on Other character classes

    e Ortug. Me talk ’bout other RPG friends you play with. Not just smashers like me. There many kinds! Me like all friends, even if me not get their things. Each one help team, like pieces of big puzzle. So, choose friend who fits, go on quests. RPG games full of cool pals! Regenerate

  • Ortug the Barbarian on Weapons

    Ortug the Barbarian on Weapons

    Me like hit things. Big sword, good for hitting. Today talk about swords and axes and things to hit with in game with dragons and dungeons, D&D they say. First, big sword. Big sword go smash! It’s called greatsword. You hold with both hands. Swing, smash, enemies go down. Big numbers on dice mean big…