Ortug on Other character classes

e Ortug. Me talk ’bout other RPG friends you play with. Not just smashers like me. There many kinds!

  1. Wizzy-wizard: Wizzy-wizards got pointy hats, cast spells. Boom and zap! They use books, not for reading, for magic. They make fire, freeze stuff. Me not get it, but it’s like magic show.
  2. Thieffy-thief: Thieffy-thiefs sneaky sneaks. They take shiny things from bad guys. Fast hands, no see them coming. Me wonder where my meat went.
  3. Healy-healer: Healy-healers nice pals. They make hurts go away. If me hurt, they pat me and say, “No hurt now!” Me like that.
  4. Arrow-shooter: Arrow-shooters use pointy sticks from far away. They say, “Pew pew!” and arrows fly. Good for poking dragons from safe spot.
  5. Talky-bard: Talky-bards tell stories, sing songs. They make friends happy or scared. They talk so much, sometimes me nap.
  6. Armor-wall: Armor-walls wear all metal. They say, “Hit me!” and not get hurt. Me think they crazy, but they stop bad hits for team.
  7. Nature-druid: Nature-druids like trees, animals. They talk to birds, turn into bears. Me once saw one become squirrel, funny times.
  8. Booky-cleric: Booky-clerics pray for help. They heal and bless. Me not good with gods, but they strong friends.
  9. Punchy-monk: Punchy-monks use fists. They punch fast, kick hard. Me once arm wrestled monk, lost big time.
  10. Mystic-sorcerer: Mystic-sorcerers born with magic. They shoot lightning, change shapes. Magic in blood, like fire in belly.

Me like all friends, even if me not get their things. Each one help team, like pieces of big puzzle. So, choose friend who fits, go on quests. RPG games full of cool pals!