Ortug on Dragons

Me Ortug. Today Ortug talk ’bout big flying lizards – Dragons! Dragons scary and cool, like big mountains with wings.

Dragons come in colors – red, blue, green, and more. Each color mean different things. Red one like fire, breath fire. Blue one like sky, fly fast. Green one sneaky, hide in forests.

Dragons hoard stuff like shiny gold and gems. Ortug not get it, but shiny things make them happy. Me like food, they like shinies.

Dragons got scales, tough like rocks. Hard to hit them. Some got horns, spikes. Me once tried to climb dragon, not smart idea.

They got breath weapon, like special power. Fire, ice, lightning, even yucky stuff. Me saw dragon melt stuff with fire breath, very scary.

Dragons live long, longer than Ortug. They seen many things. Some smart, some just smash. But all strong and mighty.

People tell stories ’bout dragons, like scary bedtime tales. Knights go fight dragons, get fame. Dragons not all bad, just want own space.

If meet dragon, be careful. Don’t poke or steal shinies. Maybe talk, if dragon nice. If not, run fast!

So, remember: dragons big, scaly, fly high, hoard shiny, breathe fire. Ortug say, dragons are like mountains, but with wings and roar!