Ortug On Wizards

Me Ortug. Today me talk ’bout wizzy-wizards. They wear pointy hats and wave hands to make magic happen. Me not understand all that, but it’s kinda like tricks!

Wizzy-wizards use spells. Spells like potions, but with words and moves. They say stuff like “abra-cadabra” and boom, fireball! Me not good with words, so me stick to smashing.

Wizzy-wizards read big books, full of weird marks. They learn spells from books. Me not much for reading, but me like looking at pictures.

Some wizzy-wizards make things fly, like broomsticks or themselves. Me never flew, but sounds fun.

Wizzy-wizards got different types. Some like fire, some ice, some talk to animals. Lots of choices, like berries in forest.

They not tough like warriors, no armor or big axes. But their magic strong. Me once saw wizzy-wizard make whole room light up. Shiny!

Wizzy-wizards need focus. If they lose focus, spells go poof! Me not have much focus either, me just hit things.

Sometimes me wonder why wizzy-wizards not use swords. Swords simple, like me. But they like their magic stuff.

Wizzy-wizards help in fights. They shoot lightning, freeze enemies. Me charge in, they stay back. Teamwork, like different berries in same basket.

So, wizzy-wizards cool. They make magic, read big books, wear hats. Me like smashing, they like waving. Both good in own ways!