Ortug the Barbarian on Weapons

Me like hit things. Big sword, good for hitting. Today talk about swords and axes and things to hit with in game with dragons and dungeons, D&D they say.

First, big sword. Big sword go smash! It’s called greatsword. You hold with both hands. Swing, smash, enemies go down. Big numbers on dice mean big smash. Me like big numbers.

Ortug the Barbarian on Weapons

Then, axe. Axe chop-chop! Battleaxe make heads roll. Me like how it sounds. Sometimes, axe has sharp side and flat side. Sharp side for chop, flat side for bam! Variety is good.

Club, simple like me. Find stick, hit bad guys. It’s like tree high-five. Club not fancy, but it gets job done. Me not need fancy, me strong.

Spear long stick with pointy end. Poke from far. Reach enemies before they reach me. Keep distance, no squish like bug.

Hammer, like big nail hitter. Smash armor, smash bones. If enemy hide behind metal, me bring hammer. No hiding.

Bow and arrow, pointy shooty. Me not good with these, need aim like elf. But if me get lucky shot, enemies surprised.

Dagger small knife, sneaky-stabby. Me not sneaky, but dagger help when someone get too close. Quick like rat bite.

Me hope this help you pick weapon in D&D. Remember, big sword smash, axe chop-chop, club bam, spear poke, hammer smash, bow shooty, dagger stabby. Choose what feel right for you, like favorite food. Now go hit things and have fun in dungeon place!