Obsidian RPG Notes

If you are like me you as a player or a GM like to take notes during a game. Or have one place on your phone, computer or Tablet to store all those images, character sheets and Sourcebook PDFs. Obsidian RPG notes is what you need.

Notes for everything not just RPGs

I use obsidian in my Mac Repair business in the Lithgow and Katoomba area to keep track of jobs and case notes. Obsidian uses a great feature of being able to connect notes to each other using hyperlinks.

Instead of having one massive word document you can create individual pages for your character sheet and other notes and create hyperlinks. You can even embed images an pdfs into the notes

There are a ton of plugins you can add to Obsidian including a dice rollers etc.

what I like the most about Obsidian other than it is free is that it works well with iCloud while still being cross platform.

the learning curve for Obsidan is not too bad. While it does take a little bit of getting used to how to create links and headings it does not require any HTML skills .

if for whatever reason the App stops working the files are still in a format that most computers can read. So even if Obsidian goes bankrupt you will always be able to access your notes

I may consider writing more tutorials on how to use obsidian for gamers in mind if there is a demand.

Obsidian RPG notes for players and Gms