New app for RPG equipment drawings

While RPGs are theatre of the mind that does not mean we can’t give our minds a little help with images. After all the whole point of fantasy art is to expand the imagination. Some of us can draw, some of us can’t, some of us can draw but would rather be rolling dice. I have found an app that can help. Why not download an app for RPG equipment

Instant Armory fun and easy to use

So I decided that I wanted to try to design weapons for my Wood elf Ranger Jaro, (He’s a bit of a jerk and is always dirty) early on I decided he was going to be a two handed fighter vs a ranger who prefers ranged combat (don’t worry he still carries a bow)

As a former soldier he would have preferred the short sword. Now I am an artist but there are times that I just want some quick designs or maybe even some inspiration.

instant Armoury was a quick download from the App Store. Basically you select the different parts of the weapon and choose colour. But that was not what I liked about the app.
After choosing the design and colour the app gave me the option to export the image to a few different formats what could you ask for in an app for RPG equipment


png (transparent background for adding to other images)

equipment card (Holding a space for description and stats )

What was even cooler was I was able to export directly to my files on my phone… that just happen to be the Obsidian App folder (The app I use as a database for all my RPGs as a Gm And a player)

app for RPG equipment

Unlocking all the features.

Like most apps on the App Store there are free features and to unlock the whole version you need to make a few micro transactions.

While I did think I would not spend this as a player as a Gm this might be useful to prep for a campaign.